Fuzion Gel Refresher Course

Do you feel your skills need refining?

Do you need a confidence boost?

Have you found it difficult to build your business?

Have you taken a break from the industry and want to get back into it?

Our Educators are here to inspire you and give you the confidence you need to have a fresh start in this industry! Our 2 day course will go back to the basics of sculpting new nails and fills,

basic nail art, troubleshooting and business building.

$749.99 + tax Includes product kit($249.99) and one on one training. Training is with electric file.

Day One: New Sets

4 Hours

Model Required for a new set.

Health and Safety

Theory Recap

Business Building

Fuzion Intro


Day Two: Fills

4 Hours

Model Required for a fill.

Color/Sparkle Mixing

Basic Nail Art

Gel FX


Rewards a Certificate of Completion at the end of your Two Day Refresher!