Fuzion Gel Refresher Course

Do you feel your skills need refining?

Do you need a confidence boost?

Have you found it difficult to build your business?

Have you taken a break from the industry and want to get back into it?

Our Educators are here to inspire you and give you the confidence you need to have a fresh start in this industry! Our 2 day course will go back to the basics of sculpting new nails and fills,

basic nail art, troubleshooting and business building.

$749.99 + tax Includes product kit($249.99) and one on one training. Training is with electric file.

Day One: New Sets

4 Hours

Model Required for a new set.

Health and Safety

Theory Recap

Business Building

Fuzion Intro


Day Two: Fills

4 Hours

Model Required for a fill.

Color/Sparkle Mixing

Basic Nail Art

Gel FX


Rewards a Certificate of Completion at the end of your Two Day Refresher!

If you are new to Fuzion and would like access to the helpful tutorial videos on how to use Fuzion, please email designdepartment@nailfuzion.com with a copy of your certificate to get your password to the student page link at the top of the page