Registration Fee: $250.00 + gst

Tuition Fee: $1200.00

Student Kit:

Every Student Kit Includes: Fuzion Pro Pack, Files & Buffers, Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher, Sanitation Products, Machine Bits, Tips/Cutter & Glue, 1 UV/LED Lamp plus your choice of machine.

T300 – The T-300 is an affordable, professional electric file with high RPM and torque. Made of stainless steel for quality and longevity. This machine is a great starter machine. Kit Price: $1100.00 + tax(s)

MT20 – The Erica’s MT-20 is a high-end, reliable desktop electric file. Now 5% lighter (as of 2016), it still features the slim design without being back heavy. Featuring a smart micro motor design, the MT-20 is the only e-file in the nail industry to maintain the set RPM when filing and applying pressure. Kit Price: $1350.00 + tax(s)

Course Outline & Content:

Our One on One program consists of 5 – 4 hour sessions plus exam. Start dates can be scheduled in as little as 2 weeks, pending Educator availability in your area. Days/Times are flexible and can accommodate most schedules (Daytime, Evening or Weekend Classes).

· Professionalism

· Anatomy & Nail Disorders

· Sanitation

· Product Knowledge

· Electric Nail File

· Sculpted Gel Nail Application

· Gel Fills & Repairs


Your practicum is home-based and is to be completed on your own time. Your Educator will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to review your photos. Total requirements: 10 full sets and 20 fills. This is a time commitment of approx.. 10+ hours per week.


Upon completion of your course and required practicum, you will have a written and practical exam. An 80% passing grade is required to receive your certificate.

For More Details or to Get Started With Your New Career Today,

please visit our website to see a list of Educators in your area!

If you are new to Fuzion and would like access to the helpful tutorial videos on how to use Fuzion, please email with a copy of your certificate to get your password to the student page link at the top of the page